I  also worked as a travel writer.

Although the field of travel writing looks like more and more saturated, my seo and persuasive writing has managed to gain high visits, social shares and bookings from visitors around the world.

If your company works in the travel field, you can also get the same results with travel articles in Italian. Let’s talk! 

During my writing career as a freelancer, I wrote travel articles in Italian for the important printed Italian magazine Spiagge d’Italia.

In addition to that, I even wrote travel articles in English, for my travel blog in English, Sicilyonweb, founded to tell about my loved  birthland: Sicily.

Nowadays, this field counts many competitors, but my landing pages and blog posts Seo oriented and combined with a persuasive and engaging writing style, produced excellent results, including bookings through affiliate links!

I wrote my travel blog in English to improve this language. Simultaneously, I wrote about wonderful Sicilian destinations. If I got great results in English (that is not my native language), guess what I can do for you, in Italian, namely: my native language!

Moreover, due to my job as a freelance Italian writer,  I don’t have much time to update my travel blog in English. But when I update it, I get immediately high exposures and results!

For this reason, I think that my skills in travel writing will be very helpful for you!

If you are interested in travel writing services,  let me know. I look forward to hearing from you!