Are you looking for an expert Italian writer or a bilingual copywriter Italian-English?

Well, today is your lucky day. I am just the person you are looking for!

I am Rosalba Mancuso, an Italian freelance writer born and living in Italy and the founder of three successful websites in English.

I wrote my websites in English by myself and gained leads and loyal customers all over the world. I have had these results organically, without spending money for advertising. With me, you can get the same international outcomes I have had.

Welcome to one of my three websites, Freelanceitalianwriter. This place does not start from scratch, but summarizes my long writing experience you can use for your business goals.

Unlike many freelance writers and copywriters you find on the Internet, I started my writing career not a couple of years ago, but over twenty years ago in Italian and seven years ago in English.

Thanks to my extensive experience, I know the best tone of voice to inform and engage target audiences.

Furthermore, I witnessed the impressive changes in writing and content marketing, because I started working as a freelance writer and a journalist in 1994.

During my long writing career, started in the Italian language, first, and after in English, I have written for printed publications, online magazines, blogs and websites, for a total of 10,000 articles written so far.

I witnessed the rise of the Internet and the Social networks, as well.

My writing style is customized to catch the attention of your target audience on several platforms: e-commerce,  professional website, blog, social media, newspapers and magazines. Each of them needs different words and different content marketing strategies.

My specializations also include:

    • Journalism – I  have been a member of the Italian Order of Journalists from 1998 to 2015 (thanks to this skill, I write detailed and informative content that engage people and help you establish your online authority)
    • Press releases and guest posting for SEO and link building
    •  Reviews
    • Copywriting (sales pages, landing pages, call to actions, service pages, about page and product descriptions)
    • International SEO writing in English to attract audiences from all over the world and not only from the US.

Hence, what are you waiting? Don’t miss the great opportunity to reach great achievements.

Contact me now, because my writing services get booked fast.