"Rosalba Mancuso, Italian writer, bilingual Italian - English copywriter & journalist"


Copywriting is an art which turns your product into words and words into emotions. It is the key to help your business grow in the digital age.  Copywriting in the Italian language makes your brand more and more appealing thanks to the evergreen charm of this beautiful language. It is…

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Seo writing is a kind of writing that aims to position content on the first pages of search engines. Seo writing is helpful to gain high traffic and visits for your website or blog. Seo writing can dominate SERP and provide you with a large flow of leads and customers.…

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Persuasive writing is a science made to persuade people to follow your suggestions and take an action, such as subscribe to your website or purchase your products (or services).  This science includes an engaging and attractive writing and strong skills to touch the emotions of people. I can do all…

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Whether you need blog or social media posts, a brochure, a corporate presentation, product descriptions,  press releases, landing pages  or copywriting for advertising, every service in the Italian language will be customized in accordance with your needs. We’ll work together to convey the true value of your brand (products or…

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Professional writing services in Italian & English for your business. Are you ready to conquer Italian and English speaking markets?
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My Experience

Here are some projects I have worked on, during my writing career started in 1994. Since then, I have written articles for newspapers, online magazines, blogs, newsletters, short stories, essays and over. My writing in Italian spans from creative writing and copywriting, to blog posts and seo content writing, up to translation and transcreation from English to Italian. All this, straight from the keyboard of a native Italian speaker like me. I am also a multiform writer who is capable to write about different topics. Take a look at my writing experience.

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I am also a creative writer who can handle stunning projects of creative writing in Italian. Indeed, recently,  I wrote a short fictional story in Italian for a customer from Korea!  This story will be soon translated into English and turned into a movie! I can also be your ghostwriter…

I  also worked as a travel writer. Although the field of travel writing looks like more and more saturated, my seo and persuasive writing has managed to gain high visits, social shares and bookings from visitors around the world. If your company works in the travel field, you can also…

During my long career as an Italian content writer,  I have written tons of articles in the Italian language, for important online magazines, blogs and websites.  I talked about them in my portfolio. In the Italian language, I wrote about many topics, such as economy, business, personal growth, gardening, diet,…


Antonino D'Anna

Rosalba is a talented Italian journalist and copywriter. I greatly appreciated her stunning headlines when she worked with me at the most important online journal of Italy, Affari Italiani.

Antonino D'Anna Journalist - Affari Italiani
Egidio Simonelli

I hired Rosalba to write articles in Italian for the website of my company in London. Her pieces reached the first page of Google.it, within a few weeks, with no need to pay for Google Adwords. She is really a great Italian seo copywriter!

Egidio Simonelli Ceo Pharmamedic - Pharmamedic

What my clients say

Francesco Vallecoccia

I had the pleasure of working with Rosalba for one of my clients, a famous wood flooring company in Italy. Rosalba is one of the most reliable and detailed copywriters I've ever work with. She's not shy about giving advice or asking important questions about a brief. I am a SEO professional with 5 years of experience, this is the first time that I do not have to touch a single comma or period about a writer. Rosalba is great from the writing and research standpoint, it's incredible how she can write 1000 words about a niche article with little or none sources to lean on. On top of that, she's a very nice, polite and chatty person. I hope I will keep working with her and looking forward to our next brief together.

Francesco Vallecoccia Seo Performance Marketer - London

It is incredible how Rosalba can be simultaneously a copywriter, a journalist and a ghostwriter. I hired her to write my ebook in Italian. I speak both English and Italian, but I am unable to write them and I have always had a dream: writing an ebook in the Italian language. I signed a confidential agreement with Rosalba and due to this, I can’t show my identity, because the ebook contains my pen name. However, I accepted to send my opinion about the excellent job of Rosalba. She understood all I wanted to tell in my ebook and I loved every word she wrote in Italian. Rosalba will always be my favourite ghostwriter. I highly recommend that you hire this absolutely outstanding Italian writer.

Kanya Author - Thailandia